Home Interior Design Plans For the Elderly Person’s Bed Sit


Having an elderly relative living in your home can often benefit the whole family. The cost of professional care is becoming beyond the reach of many and, for the older person, living with an extended family can provide continued interest, security and the best possible care. The accommodation of an older family member within the home, it has to be admitted, is potentially fraught, but with some thought and patient planning it shouldn’t be too disruptive.

Home Interior Design Tips For Elderly People

The room you choose for the older person will, ideally, be at ground level so as to minimize difficult journeys and should if possible allow space for more than just sleeping. If it also has a large window with an interesting view, this should make your decision easy. The provision of areas for relaxing, bathing, cooking and dining will allow the senior citizen to remain active and somewhat independent from the rest of the household – a situation that is likely to suit both parties.

Dividing these areas of activity (by employing screens, curtains or items of furniture) is important for the occupant so that he/she can appreciate the changes in his/her day and can entertain without private areas being on view.

Designing a room or bed-sit for an older person is best achieved by placing yourself in that person’s shoes and by thinking through how to compensate for the possible limitations imposed upon their lifestyle. You don’t want to be too pessimistic, but it also pays to plan for days when the person’s capacities could be reduced. Some of the more obvious provisions are:

  • A comfortable, easy access chair for the room occupant and seating for guests.
  • Bright lighting to help cope with failing sight. Wall and ceiling-fixed lights plus well-weighted table and floor-standing lamps are suitable. A switch by the bedside is helpful, as is a low-wattage light that can be left on overnight. Remember to highlight any changes in floor level. Perhaps also consider positioning sockets and switches nearer to hand height.
  • Warmth – older people generally like (and need) warmer room temperatures than the young. Central heating radiators and open fires need to be easily accessed and controlled and suitably guarded.
  • Storage at an easily accessed level and with openings that are not too difficult to operate.
  • The elimination of all sharp comers for safety reasons, and the removal of any electrical cables that could be tripped over. A smoke alarm is another wise precaution.
  • In the bathroom, it’s a good idea to install grab rails around the bath and/or shower and perhaps a lockable mirrored wall cabinet. You might also like to consider fitting an ‘engaged’ door sign rather than a lock. Mixer taps and an electric temperature controlled shower will help better manange water temperature.
  • Curtains on a corded track, operated from the side, to ease opening and closing.
  • Non-slip floor covering and well-attached loose coverings. A fitted carpet of the type that can be easily cleaned is ideal.

The decoration of the room in a familiar style (most likely to be traditional) and the incorporation of existing possessions will help to make the elderly person feel quickly at home. Inviting them to make decoration choices will involve them further. Pretty patterns and cheerful colors will do much to lift their mood and the addition of plants and even a pet will bring life to the room.

In addition certain electrical gadgets, such as remote control for lights and curtains, could well smooth the life of an elderly person.


Source by Michelle Reynold

How to Plan a Themed Birthday Party


It is common to use a theme when planning a birthday party. A theme can help to make organizing and planning the party so much easier.

The first step in using a theme for a birthday party is to choose the theme. In some cases it may be simple to choose a theme because you can base it upon your child’s interests. For example, if there is a certain cartoon character your child loves then use that as a theme.

If you are struggling with choosing a theme you may want to use a simple theme. For example, a circus theme. Another option is to use the birthday child’s age as the theme – such as for a three year old, you could revolve the party around the number 3.

Once you have chosen the theme you can then begin applying your theme to the party planning.

You are going to need to gather your supplies and plan out your food and activities. The general idea with a theme is to keep it as the main focus for every aspect of the party, so choose your supplies based upon your theme.

You should choose supplies that are related to your theme. Keep in mind, though, that you can save a lot of money by using some items that match the theme’s general color scheme instead of being actual theme items. For example, for a party with a Barbie theme, you can also use pink items. This can save a lot of money.

You will want to choose some main themed items, like the invitations, goodie bags and a few décor items, like the table cloth and balloons. However, as mentioned you can save costs by buying some color coordinating items instead, so you can buy one bag of themed balloons and one bag of colored balloons so you have a lot of balloons, but for far less cost.

Activities can be related to the theme. In some cases this makes planning activities very easy. If you have a circus theme, for example, you can hire a clown, play games like bean bag toss and pin the tail on the donkey. It is okay, though, if not all your activities match your theme.

The food can also go along with the theme. If you are having a Mexican theme then serve Mexican foods. It is not necessary that all food matches the theme, but at least the cake should match the theme.

It can be very fun to come up with ideas about how to incorporate a theme into the different aspects of a birthday party. It is all about being creative. Once you choose your theme you should sit and brainstorm a bit about everything you can do with your theme.

Having a theme for a birthday party will help you be able to choose your supplies, activities and foods easily. You can follow the theme as much or as little as you like. There really are no rules, except that you should have fun with your theme and be creative.


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Why You Should Choose Battery Powered LED Fairy Lights For Your Home Decorations


Come Christmas time, a lot of people will be rushing to stores to buy Christmas lights and other decorations to add a festive touch to their homes, both indoors and outdoors. There are also people who may be in search of or need lights for weddings and other gatherings and celebrations. Lighting is probably one of the decorations that is most often taken for granted and receives very little thought or effort, but is one of the best ways to instantly add and achieve the right ambiance.

When choosing lights for your needs, you should be aware that there are different kinds of lights available, particularly battery operated lights as well as led fairy lights and led curtain lights. Choosing the right lighting for your needs will ensure that you have a fun and festive ambiance. This is where battery powered lights come in. Let us take a closer look at what battery powered lights are and what its advantages are compared to using the traditional ones.

Ease of Use

When it comes to ease of use, nothing beats battery powered lights. This is because unlike the traditional ones which need to be plugged into a wall outlet whenever it is in use, battery powered lights simply require the right size and number of batteries to work. Since you do not have to worry about plugging it in a wall outlet, you can decorate as freely as you want. This kind of lighting is great for wreaths, as well as the centre piece for tables since there will be no extension cords hanging around which can cause your guests to trip over. Simply arrange the lights in the manner you prefer, plug in batteries, and you are all set.

Flexibility of Decorating Options

What makes battery operated lights a great choice for your home decoration is that you can do a lot of things with it, especially since you do not have to worry about plugging it in a power outlet. You can decorate in any manner you like, instead of decorating around how far your extension cord can reach, or how far your power outlet is. These battery powered lights also give a nice, clean look since there are no cords hanging around which often gives a cluttered look. With battery powered lights, you can decorate curtains, the trees and shrubs in your garden, tables, etc. What you can do with battery powered lights is only limited by your imagination.

An Energy Saver

For parties and other social gatherings, battery powered LED fairy lights are the best choice for decorations. This is because you can save on electricity by using battery operated ones. This is also especially true for occasions which require the lights for a relatively longer time, like occasions and gatherings held during the evenings. By investing in heavy duty batteries, you can leave the lights on for a long period of time or even overnight and not have to worry about their electrical consumption at all.

A Great Money Saver

If you want to save on decorations but do not want to give your home a look that reflects just how much you are willing to spend, choose battery operated lights. This is one smart way to decorate your home for Christmas, as well as for parties, weddings, and other events you may need to celebrate in your home. These lights allow you to save money on decorations not only because of their energy consumption on batteries, but also because they can be used and reused for a long period of time. Floral decorations will wilt and die, ice sculptures will melt, and balloons will eventually deflate, but battery operated lights can be stored away and reused for the next event. Simply dust them off and place a fresh set of batteries and they are good to go like the first day you purchased them. Plus, this kind of lights never goes out of style and can be used for many other purposes.

When decorating your home for Christmas or for other fun and social gatherings which will be held in your home, choose battery powered lights. You can also choose battery powered LED fairy lights and led curtain lights to spice up your home. If placed correctly, they can easily create and give the perfect ambiance and help set the right mood for your celebration.


Source by Kath Dawson

Party Planning Tips I


Most are baffled if not completely overwhelmed by all the social rules and regulations regarding how to throw a politically correct party. But ultimately a party should accomplish these three things:

1. Focus on the reason for coming together

2. Provide relaxation, refreshment and light entertainment

3. Leave the guests and host/hostess feeling a better acquainted

General Party Planning Tips

Your first task will be to determine and record your spending budget. Determine the type of gathering (cocktail party, potluck, open house, and formal, informal, dressy casual, etc.) Define the theme and appropriate ambience you want to create. Consider the number of guests you wish to accommodate and where you will have the gathering. Establish the date of your party and the age groups that will be permitted to attend. It’s now time to create a guest list.

Decorating The Party Room(s)

Determine the appropriate decorations (traditional or otherwise). Do some window-shopping at the local party store to get decorating ideas that will best compliment your gatherings theme. Decorations should be used only to accent your homes decor.

Use decorative accents to set the mood and focus on the theme of your gathering.

Try to avoid over decorating. Although decorations do much to create a festive atmosphere avoid have too many items cluttering vital sitting and standing space. Décor should not distract and become a trip hazard.

Putting Together A Good Party Shopping List

When putting together your shopping list it is helpful to do some window-shopping. While window-shopping, take time to add necessities to your shopping list. Frequent at least three stores and compare prices. Buy bulk items where possible. To save some time shop stores on the web. After comparing prices start working on your master-shopping list. Unless you have the time and funds to sample foods and drink for quality comparison go with the quality brands you know are up to standard.

Staying Within Your Parties Budget

Staying within budget has much may require limiting the number of invitees, dinner

courses, drinks and type or degree of decorating you do. This will challenge your ability to say “NO”. It’s best commence party planning at the most simplistic stage. Write a list of all necessities and “must haves.” Now write a separate list of “extras”, food, items and decor you would like to add while keeping with-in the limits of the party planning budget. Add up all your “simplistic” expenses. If you see that you still have funds to spare, add a few of the “extra” items you would most like to use to entertain your guests. Leave funds of $50 or more for unforeseen last minute purchases. Once your shopping list is complete and with-in the budget you are ready to create two or three lists as follows:

Party Shopping List #1 Non-Perishables (Shop three weeks in advance)

This list includes decorations, non-perishable foods such as nuts, crackers, chips, canned goods flatware and napkins.

Party Shopping List #2 – Slow Perishables (Shop two/three days in advance)

This list is for foods that have a slow perishable rate such as fruit and vegetables. Check ripeness. Some of these foods can be cooked the night before the event and placed in your freezer.

Party Shopping List #3 Perishables (Shop day before event)

This list would be for items that perish quickly such as fresh seasoning, fruit, salads, meats and vegetables.

Now that you have your initial preparations underway, it’s time to take your party planning to the next level. The next article, “Party Planning Tips II” will discuss creating the guest list, sending out invitations, and getting invitees to RSVP in the timeliest manner.


Source by Marcus Angelo

Choosing A Birthday Theme


Birthday themes are so easy to do, make sure the kid-friendly birthday themes are developmental suitable for children. Make sure the birthday themes are created to give the child a memorable celebration. One of the most popular 1st Birthday Themes are pink for girls and blue for boys, kids find it more exciting if you mix up the colors. These specialty themes are sure to please and kid from using simple activities, crafts and games.

Hosting a birthday party for your child can be a easy as cake if you plan ahead. When you are looking for a party theme, you can use the internet as a resource to find the perfect theme. The birthday child will not remember this party, but will enjoy looking at the pictures when he is older. There are so many themes and supplies to choose from just look in your local phonebook or better yet find them on the web. Try to find everything from basic party goods to those perfect birthday presents. A first birthday party is a very special occasion for family and friends. Impress your guests before the party with unique birthday invitations. If you are throwing the party, make sure you have the following birthday invitations, thank you cards, and especially party favors for your guests. Try to find unique party favors; don’t settle on the bag a favor. Think of some fun games to play with the children, pin the tail on the donkey, hit a piñata etc. Make sure you purchase party supplies for all ages since brothers and sisters might tag along to the birthday.

What are some of your ideas for celebrating birthdays? Here are a few ideas for decorating your party room, space, tea party, etc. There are a wealth of on-line sites offering ideas and materials via the internet. Make sure you have all the party supplies needed to pull off the party. Forgetting one something might be disastrous.

Remember when creating a birthday and trying to figure out what theme to through can be very tiresome. Make sure you plan ahead, do research first and find out where you are going to get the plates, cups, forks, knives, party favors, food and everything else. Here are some questions you should ask.

1. Will the paper supplies keep within the theme of the party

2. Should I personalize the party favors, always a nice touch

3. Are any of the guests attending allergic to certain foods

In conclusion, when planning a birthday party with a theme you need to be prepared. This something you cannot do the night before.


Source by David Fishman

Rachel Hale Glamour Cats Birthday Party Supplies For a Purrfect Party


Choosing a theme for your little one’s birthday party can make you scratch your head. Let Glamour Cats scratch it for you! With a whole range of Rachel Hale Glamour Cats birthday party supplies you can’t go wrong.

The Glamour Cats Deluxe Pack makes for a great beginning, since it contains all the plates, cups, and more you need to serve refreshments, all with that great cats design. You also get crepe paper rolls, a Mylar balloon, 24 inflatable balloons, and more to start you on your way for decorating. It also includes eight ultra-cute invitations you can use to get the ball rolling.

When it comes to decorating, though, you won’t want to be without a Rachel Hale Glamour Cats Banner. This 61″ wide vinyl item can be personalized with any text you choose. Go for the traditional “Happy Birthday” or select a message all your own. Either way, your guests will see at once that a very special party is about to begin if you hang this outside the front door.

When it’s time to serve refreshments you’ll want to make sure all the kids are ‘decorated’ just right, too. Select some Rachel Hale Glamour Cats Hats and they will be. Your table will look terrific if you select a Glamour Cats Centerpiece. That same cute cat motif shows a tabby poking her head above a birthday box while her friends look on from their own little hiding places.

And, since kids want something to do while they’re waiting, how about some Glamour Cats Sticker Sheets? You can get those sticker sheets separately or inside the Party Favor Box, along with a blowout, notepad, mini star wand, and roll-on body glitter. And, oh yes, the box holds four crayons so the girls can have fun drawing on their Rachel Hale activity placemats from the Deluxe Pack.

When you get ready to start the games you’ve got lots of choices for Rachel Hale Glamour Cats prizes. The Kitten Bean Bag makes for an ideal selection. Or, pick out some star wands.

To keep everyone entertained while you get set up you can give everyone a Bobble Head Cats Party Activity kit. The 4″ plush kitten comes in lovely purple and the kit has all sorts of decorating tools. Kids will love using the marabou collars, bells with jump rings, stick-on eyes, and 16 fine-point markers to make kitty look just right.

Of course, all good things come to an end. When they do, and the party is over, you can express your appreciation for the wonderful company and thoughtful gifts with a set of themed Thank You Notes. The delightful orange kitty in a blue box provides a cheerful way to say to all your guests how grateful you are that they shared this special day with you and your little one.

Planning and executing your little one’s birthday party is a cinch with Rachel Hale Glamour Cats party supplies.


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Children’s Birthday Party on a Budget


Birthday’s Come But Once a Year
I hate to burst your bubble, but your kid won’t be super excited that you simply remembered his or her birthday. It takes a little more effort, and since you are reading this article, you probably are a little thin in the birthday funds. So you guessed it, it’s time to get CREATIVE. When I say creative, I don’t mean cheesy. Below are some great suggestions on how you can accomplish this.

Details Details
Getting the most out of your budget is a great goal. But instead of buying a bunch of decorations, games and supplies, you should first go through your own house and see what items you may already have.

For example, let’s say your party is Jungle Theme. Go through your kids bedrooms and find anything related to the theme — stuffed monkeys, snakes or jungle animals. These are perfect decorations. Use what you have. Just because you already have it does not mean it won’t make a great decoration.

Once you have exhausted every decorating supply from your own house and yard, It’s time to look at oriental trading and fill in the gaps. Don’t go too crazy, but don’t miss out on the $.95 cent streamers.

Entertain Me
When it comes to entertainment for the birthday party, keep things traditional. “Pin the Tail” games are always fun and safe, but the trick is to personalize it for the party. Once again, if the party is a Jungle theme, create a game like “Pin the Tail on the Monkey.” It does not take much effort to print a picture of a monkey, and create/cut out simple tails. You can always get the birthday boy/girl to help you with this. You can repeat this “personalizing” idea with any traditional party game.

Getting back to the point that nothing is wrong with some good old traditional birthday entertainment. If your budget makes room for it, the absolute best way of making the dollar go far for a birthday party is investing in a birthday package. These usually include a fun food machine, a unique game and a some type of party jump.

It is important to remember that getting the cheapest rental equipment is not always the best deal. Renting equipment based on price alone could end up costing you more and adding a lot of stress to your party. Make sure the company cleans and sanitizes their equipment periodically, that they are dependable and have a strong reputation.

Stop Clowning Around
There is nothing wrong with a good old fashion balloon sculpting, face painting, juggling clown. But I am here to tell you there are other ways you can bring affordable entertainers to your party. If you are not feeling the clown vibe, try having a visiting entertainer come deliver some fabulous balloons and take some pictures. These types of entertainers are much more affordable, and can bring an equal amount of smiles to your party. Jolly Jumps can also match a balloon delivering entertainer to your theme.

Feed Me

When your party visitors are ready to eat they won’t be thinking steak and lobster. Feeding a party crowd can be covered on a budget with Hot Dogs and 2 liter sodas. Don’t go through the stress of seasoning and molding hamburgers from fresh ground beef. Use the frozen section to your advantage and save a little money.

Party Plan

Overall, give yourself a plan. Before you begin purchasing, renting, and organizing, make a plan of what you would like the party to be like. Once you have a plan, you can begin rearranging it to fit within your budget. Good luck!


Source by Joshua Paul

Decorating Your Dinner Table with Style


So, you’re having a big dinner party or just a few of your friends are coming over for a meal. We’ve got plenty of ideas to help you create a great table setting for your guests.

Choosing Your Table Cloth

Your tablecloth choice will depend on your dinnerware. If you have patterned dinnerware, choose a plain tablecloth. If you have plain, single-colored dinnerware, you can choose a patterned tablecloth.

Be careful with choosing too much color. If you have brightly colored dinnerware, whether it is patterned or not, choose a more subtle and neutral color for your tablecloth.

You might also place a plastic pad under your table cloth. This will prevent stains on your table and reduce clanging from dishes and cutlery.

Creating Your Place Settings

Try adding name cards to your settings. Not only does this take the guesswork out of where to sit for your guests, it’s add some more style and personality. People appreciate this extra attention to detail.

Make sure that you have enough space for your guests to sit comfortably. If not, it might make sense to add another table or rent a table from your local party store so that everyone can sit comfortably. It doesn’t have to be a fancy table either…just cover it with a nice tablecloth and you’ll be all set.

If your dishes are plain white, you might consider charger plates to add a splash of color. But again, if your tablecloth is adding plenty of color, you might forgo the extra busyness.

Assuming your not going completely formal, here are some general guidelines for placing cutlery. Forks to the left, knives to the right and dessert flatware above the plate. Salad and appetizer forks and knives should go on the outside. The cutlery for the main meal is placed closest to the plate.

Glassware goes in the top right of your setting and how complicated you make this up to you. Traditionally, you’ll start with the water glass, wine glass and finish with a dessert glass. Unless you have a lot of space at your table, that can create a lot of clutter and most guests will probably not use all those glasses. I prefer to know my guests preferences in advance and place the appropriate glassware at their place setting.

Other Details

Make sure there are enough salt and pepper shakers and butter trays for your guests to reach or pass easily. If you have a large table, you don’t want your guests to have to shout across the table to get what they need.

Don’t forget the centerpiece. Try a floral arrangement, tapered candles or something to suit your unique taste.


Source by Rebekah Slatkin

10 Cheap Holiday Party Themes For Families


Are you planning a party for this holiday season? Would you like some original ideas that will help you have the party people will still be talking about way into the New Year? Then you must read on because below are 10 cheap holiday party themes for families.

Christmas Tree Decorating – The theme of your holiday party can be Christmas tree decorating. You can invite your family over to pitch in so they can add their own personal touch to the tree. It is an excellent way to keep your guests happy and entertained plus it allows them all a chance to participate in the festivities.

Sing-A-Longs – Having a sing-a-long is a great party theme that allows everyone to gather together and sing holiday songs. You entire guest list will be filled with the Christmas spirit before going home.

Party Games – What’s a party without games? You can have a variety of games that are appropriate for each age group. The guests that do not want to actually play the games will have a great time cheering everyone else on.

Outdoor Games – If you live in areas where you can gather together outdoors for fun activities this makes a great holiday theme. If you live in the colder climates you can take part in an ice skating tournament or sledding. If you live in the warmer climates you can have a softball game or badminton tournament.

Decorating Party – This theme allows families to gather together and decorate your home for the holidays. It is a creative way for your family to spend time together and have fun getting into the holiday spirit, which is why it is one of the top 10 cheap holiday party themes for families.

Baking Party – A baking party can be a lot of fun, just make sure that everyone you invite loves to cook or loves to eat. You can bake Ginger bread cookies, cakes, pies or any other item you enjoy. The reward for all your hard work is being able to eat the baked goods after everything is done.

Gift Exchange – Your holiday party can be Christmas themed and you can have the whole family get together and exchange Christmas gifts. If you have a large family then drawing names in advance is suggested to eliminate the problem of having to buy multiply gifts that could get very expensive.

Costume Party – Who said costume parties are only for Halloween? There are many great costumes that are available that would be perfect for this holiday season, which puts costume parties among the top 10 cheap holiday party themes for families.

Girls Only Party – Sometimes the women of the family just need to get together without the men and this is the prefect way. It gives all the women in the family from the grandmother to the youngest child an opportunity to gather together and enjoy spending a wonderful day together.

Caroling – Having a caroling party is a great idea. The whole family can get together and go door to door signing holiday songs. It’s fun and entertaining and after the singing you can all gather around the fireplace and sip specialty coffees, cider or hot chocolate together.

Holiday and parties just go together and having a theme for your party will help everything run much smoother. By choosing one of the 10 cheap holiday party themes for families listed above, you will be able to have the party of the year without spending a lot of money.


Source by Lisa A Mason

Party Favor Ideas – Say Thank You to Your Party Guests With a Party Favor!


Party Favor Ideas to help you select the perfect party gift for your guests.

Party favors are a nice way to thank your guests for coming to your party, and they are a nice remembrance to go home with. There are all kinds of fabulous ideas you can use, and if you have your party theme already you can find many wonderful ideas for homemade party gifts.

What kind of party are you having? Is it a kids’ birthday party, an over the hill party for an adult or a baby or wedding shower? Each party theme has a couple unique favor ideas that are perfect! There are silly, elegant or practical ones. I like practical ones. I like to be able to use any party favor I get, whether it’s homemade or a purchased one. After all, if you are going to spend the money, your guests should be able to use the gift!

Kids Party Favor Ideas are:

Free printable coloring pages, homemade cookies, terracotta pot craft projects or some kind of personalized party favors. You can incorporate these right into your party activities. Let the kids make them! It will be so much fun watching them learn a new craft or decorating their own cookies. If you make the pots you can personalize it for them by writing their name on it.

Adult Party Favor Ideas:

Food related ideas include: Tea baskets, homemade food gifts, homemade candy or homemade beer or wine. First, you get the fun of making up the baskets, candy or brewing your own beer or wine. Second, all these items can be consumed. That’s a great idea if you don’t like to waste your money. People always enjoy food gifts because they can eat or drink them. It’s such a treat to receive and it’s always fun to give…so these work out well for everyone.

Baby Shower Homemade Favor Ideas:

You can make baby shaped cookies, baby themed candies or put together a picture in a frame as a gift. Your guests will be able to eat the first two ideas, and a picture is always a treasured keepsake. A picture can go right into a photo album and every time your guest sees it they will be reminded of the good times at your baby shower.

These are just a few suggestions. Once you begin to think about all the favor possibilities, your going to have a difficult time making up your mind! Just give it a little time, and think about which favor idea you come up with fits your party theme perfectly! You can find the perfect homemade party favor for any party theme. Whether you decide to buy them or make one of your own, make sure it’s something your guests will enjoy.


Source by Jillian Gallo