How to Arrange Tables For a Social Event


How to arrange tables for a social event all depends on what type of event you are planning. Banquets, receptions, award ceremonies, and meetings will all require a little bit of a different type of table set up. There are all sorts of table arrangement options out there but here are a few ideas that should get you started setting up for the perfect social event.

o Banquets: The type of banquet you’re hosting will influence your table set up. If you’re hosting a more informal set up then go for moderately sized tables seating 6-8 people. This is the prefect size to seat pairs together or larger groups with common interests. You can cluster the tables in different groups to promote interaction between different guest groups. Another option is to go with long banquet tables. This is normally reserved for more formal dinners honoring the proverbial head of the table.

o Receptions: A reception will have more clustered seating like the informal banquet. For receptions though you’ll want to have kid friendly options. The typical kids table though can be a bit off putting to your teen guests. A couple options are to set up a few tables for your youngest guests. Provide some coloring books and little games and toys to keep them occupied and happy. Your teenage guests probably won’t want to socialize too much with the adults so give them their own table with others close to their own age.

o Awards Ceremonies: An award ceremony is going to combine the reception and banquet elements. You’ll want a long table at the front of the room for the honorees. If available place this table up on a raised dais to draw attention to it. Putting round tables in the guest area presents a challenge. You’ll have to cut back on the number of seats per table. You don’t want guests with their backs to the honorees. So instead arrange the guests around just the half of the table facing the stage.

o Meetings: For an informal meeting why not use a large round table like King Arthur. It sounds a bit medieval. But going with a round table can help deemphasize rank. This type of arrangement will promote brainstorming among colleagues. You can hash out new product strategies and promotional ideas over lunch. For a formal meeting you’ll go with a head table like at an award ceremony but instead of having round tables you’ll want to arrange rectangular tables all facing towards the stage. This set up is reserved for speaking to a group instead of interaction among the guests, or in this case employees or business partners.

How to arrange tables for a social event is all about bringing focus to the right group of people. For informal gatherings you want to promote conversation between people and have a great time. For more formal and structured events you need to put the focus on the speaker or honoree. Just use the rule of thumb – rectangular for regulated circular for social.


Source by Jennifer Akre

Matrix Fancy Dress Costumes and Party Theme


You are offered a red pill and a blue pill. You are told that if you take the blue pill you will wake-up and remember nothing about what has just happened, if you take the red pill however, your life will change forever and that you will discover reality. Are you bold enough to take the red pill?

Having become aware of something called the Matrix through his illegitimate activities as a computer hacker, Thomas Anderson, under his computer hacker’s name of ‘Neo’ was finally contacted by Morpheus someone Anderson had himself been seeking assuming that Morpheus was the one person who would be able to tell him what the Matrix was.

Morpheus’ drive to find Neo is based on the fact that he believes that Neo is ‘the One’, is it coincidence that NEO is an anagram of the word ‘One’. The ‘One’ who will be able to bring an end to the war between man and machines, a war that has seen mankind unknowingly enslaved to be nothing more than mere batteries to supply energy to machines.

Neo was brave enough to swallow the red pill and found himself awakened and freed from his neurological bonding to the Matrix, a gigantic computer system simulating the world as we know it and providing those who ‘live’ in the Matrix with the illusion of touch, sight, sound, smell – everything they have around them.

Those inside the Matrix have no idea that it’s nothing more than an illusion, nor do they have any idea that there is a rebellion being waged by the few survivors of mankind who live in the reality of Zion outside of the world of make believe that is the Matrix. Morpheus is one of these rebels and they can operate inside of the Matrix by reconnecting themselves neurologically. Inside the Matrix they can operate with superhuman powers but they are continuously chased by the Agents; intelligent programs who enter the Matrix in-order to protect it from the rebels and who possess almost boundless power. The Agents, led by Agent Smith appear as humans dressed in a highly stylised FBI Agent fashion (think Men in Black) and as they are linked directly into the Matrix itself, Agents can transform and take over any human form.

Awakening to the truth of what has happened to mankind, Neo joins the rebels and with Trinity and Morpheus as continual companions they embark on a number of adventures that result inevitably in the destruction of the Agents and freeing of mankind.

The Matrix movies make great cinema. But are you brave enough to swallow the red pill and adopt a Matrix movie theme for your next costume party? I’ve just had a thought (oh, the pain), bowls of red and blue candy (Smarties) would be a good twist, better if you offer them to your guests as they arrive – hopefully all in costume they should take the red ones.

OK, some simple rules, wearing a costume doesn’t mean you can lead tall buildings (hang on that’s Superman) and more importantly it doesn’t mean that you can get involved in some highly stylised martial arts without getting hurt and as for dodging bullets forget it. BUT a few tricks can appear to make some of this possible.

Dodging bullets: Well, OK a picture of you appearing to stop the bullets. There is a fantastic scene towards the end of the original Matrix movie where Neo in discovering his true powers simply stops the bullets from hitting him by holding up his hand. A reasonable fun shot would be to buy a plastic bullet belt with removable bullets, superglue very fine clear fishing line to the bullets – say 8-12 to fill the shot, attach the fishing line to a square piece of card that can be fixed to the ceiling and adjust the layout of the bullets to look clustered and group facing the spot where ‘Neo’ will be. In the film the shot was set in a hallway so close to a wall would be good.

Some experimentation with the lighting will be required in order to make the bullets visible. The set is ready. Your guests dressed as Neo, simply assume the position with hand outstretched palm pointed to the bullets. When you’ve captured the image download it onto your computer ‘remove’ any fine lines left by the fishing line and input some ripple effects around each bullet to give the right appearance. What a memento to send your guests after the party. And of course this works equally well for all of the agents and hey why not for Trinity, Morpheus.

Any guests who come in costume as the Twins could have a series of frames in movement as they process the power of speed in movement almost instantly changing position in the Matrix. Having taken the shots, layer them, ghosting them through time (oldest has most ghosting) giving the appearance of rapid movement.

For the costumes themselves, most on-line retailers have a selection of fully licensed Matrix fancy dress costumes from the stunning full length flowing coat worn by Neo through to the very sexy black PVC/leather coat worn by Trinity. Clearly these are the main characters but Morpheus and the Twins are also available as are all of the stylised sunglasses favoured by most of the characters.

For any Agent, including Agent Smith, a black suit, white shirt, black tie and black shoes complete with accessories of shoulder holster, semi-automatic pistol and obligatory sunglasses should do the trick. And this is a perfect costume for anyone who doesn’t really like the idea of dressing up as its simple and taking off the glasses makes you look like any other human in the Matrix.

In the main, the main characters inside the Matrix; Neo, Trinity and the Agents all had slicked back hair and therefore a degree of time with the hair gel will be required. To complete the look for the Twins, there are long dreadlocked wigs available – clearly a number of couples costume themes exist here; Neo and Trinity; the Twins and any number of Agents.


Source by Keith Sinclair

Green Decor For Your Home


One way to keep your house more beautiful is to use green decor for your home. Aside from the natural beauty it brings to the house, it helps reduce waste problems for these products are made from recycled materials if not natural ones. There are actually many green decors that can suit anyone’s personality and more importantly match one’s home.

For a more refreshing look for your home, try to use decorations that are made from natural materials. Wood is one of the most commonly used materials for decorations. Wooden frames that come in its natural colors but with different designs would make good accents for modern homes. Wooden furniture like sofa sets would match well with plants. It gives a very natural feel that gives a very relaxing vibe. Aside from wood, other materials like colorful native cloths easily accentuates a room as a table topper. Since it is available in various colors and patterns, these materials can be matched to a house with modern design.

Another green décor idea for your home are glass decorations. Glass is a top favorite of most interior designers since it gives a very elegant style. Clear glass candleholders are stylish and can match any theme of a home. And since glass is a universal décor, it is used in almost all home design themes. Glass figurines make good displays in the living room. But glass jars with intricate designs is classic in kitchen counters.

Aside from these popular decors, some modern people prefer more modern decors for their homes that are eco-friendly as well. Even plastics can make good green home decors too as long as it is not processed in heat and are reused. Some people prefer to take some time to create their own decorations out of the materials that they already have in their storage. It is definitely one good way of lessening the clutter and showing off one’s creativity too.


Source by Sarah Nabila

Cake Decorating Books For the Beginner


I have always enjoyed watching the cake decorating challenges on TLC, the talent these individuals have is amazing. I realized though that all of these contestants had to be a beginner cake decorator at one time or another. A few years ago I decided I too would like to learn how to decorate cakes, but since I live in a smaller city we did not have any classes nearby. I decided I would try to teach myself how to decorate a cake with the help of cake decorating books.

The key to buying a good cake decorating book if you are just beginning your new hobby is to find the right one. There are so many cake decorating books available that is can become overwhelming. I am going to try and make it a little less overwhelming for you. I have reviewed many cake decorating books, which I will discuss in further detail, and tell you which ones I liked the best, and why.

If you have looked at any cake decorating supplies in your local stores, you have most likely seen the Wilton products. The Wilton company is a large company which is located in Woodridge Illinois. They make all kinds of cake decorating tools and supplies, and they even publish books. My favorite books for learning the basics are the Wilton books, I liked these the most because they are very easy to understand even for the person that has never baked a cake before. The three books I am going to be telling you about are, Course I Discover Cake Decorating, Course II Flowers and Borders, and finally Course III Fondant and Tiered Cakes.

The book, Course I Discover Cake Decorating is an excellent book for the learning the basic techniques that you will need so that you can advance to the more advanced techniques. The course I book starts out by walking you through the steps of baking a cake that will be a good canvas for decorating, including how to make the cake bake flat, rather than having that round mound on the top. It also talks about what types of frosting to use for the different decorating aspects. This is a great book for anyone that wants to learn the basics.

The second book Course II Flowers and Borders, builds on the skills you learned from the Course I book. It focuses on the different types of flowers and borders you can make and what types of tools you will need to make these different flowers and borders. Like everything practice will be necessary, but you first need to know the techniques of making these decorations.

The third book Course III talks about using fondant and making tiered cakes, which are multi-level cakes, much like the cakes you have probably seen at weddings. This was my favorite book of the series, mainly because you can make some really smooth cakes by using fondant.

If you are someone that wants to learn the basics, but don’t know where to start, I would highly recommend the Wilton cake decorating books, you will get a lot of helpful information but won’t have to spend much money on them. I was even able to create a cake for my sister’s wedding, by using the information I learned in these books.


Source by Terra Spino

How To Host a Scrapbooking Party


Hosting a scrapbooking party isn’t as bad as it sounds. It is a fun choice for women to get together with the same hobby and share ideas and techniques. Hosting a party gives you extra perks like, discounts and prizes. Before you start handing out those invitations there are a few things you need to know.

First, What are the benefits of having a scrapbook party in your house. Women are more eager to attend these parties because they have a chance not only to catch up with one another, but to swap different designs and scrapbooking tools.

You will need to think of a roomy location to have your party. Each person will need plenty of room for their supplies and other items. Each person should bring their photos and memorabilia the want to exhibit. There are also some fundamental items they will need to bring along. Be sure to list them on the invitations.

Sharp scissors or shears

Small paper trimmer

Acid-free and lignin-free paper for mounting and


Acid-free pens for journaling

Adhesives for mounting photos and embellishments

Stickers for decorating

Now would be a good time for you to start thinking about the display of your page. Gather your pictures and cardstock and place them in clear baggies. Obtain accompaniments you wish to add.

The normal scrapbook party usually lasts two to three hours depending on how many first timers there are. Arrange to serve some light snacks and drinks. Place these away from the scrapbooking area to avoid any unwanted mishaps. Choose snacks that are easy to eat without a lot of mess.

Don’t try to push yourself to complete a lot of pages during this time. Many scrapbookers only complete one to two pages at the party. This is why so many continue to have parties at different locations. You can establish a group that is willing to host parties at each others homes. A good time frame to get together again would be about once a month. This will enable everyone to establish more photos and scrapbooking items.

During your scrapbooking party is a great time to swap or borrow scrapbooking tools you do not use any more.


Source by Ian McWilliams

Scene Setters – Decorating a Room


Whether you are trying to think of ways to lighten up a room in the winter, or you’re trying to change the atmosphere of your room, scene setters are one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to decorate your event. Scene setters, also known as wall room rolls, are one of the fastest ways to add creative and cheerful magnetism to any occasion or party. If you are trying to figure out ways to create a whole different look and feel to your room, then look into these helpful suggestions before decoration for any occasion.

Backgrounds: To change the appearance of the entire room, the fastest and easiest way to accomplish this is by using a scene setter. By eliminating the cost of redecorating or renting an entire room you can simply buy a setter with the backdrop to go along with the rest of your theme. Setter decor are no more than thirty dollars and if you compare that to renting it’s well worth every penny.

Murals: If you are looking for a mural, you are going to spend a lot more money just because it is called a “mural”. You can actually save yourself a lot of money if you use a setter as your mural. There isn’t anything different about buying a scene setter than a mural than that a scene setter will often times be bigger. Just be sure that if you are going to buy a setter for a mural that it comes with a stand.

Backdrops: Also known as wall room rolls. Looking into backdrops, scene setters or murals can will very depending on what you want to use it for. Though generally you will pay more for a mural or backdrop, this is because of the long term use and quality that a backdrop of mural are generally used for, they are usually used for long term photography and other types of activates of that nature. If you are only looking for a temporary setting for one or two nights it is usually worth it to buy a cheaper setter than to buy a backdrop you won’t be using for a while.

So, where can you find a scene setter that will serve your purposes and not cost you an arm and a leg? There are actually only a few party store sites that offer to sell setters and by a simple search of your internet you will be able to find them. Just be sure to type in “discount or wholesale” to ensure you get the best price for it.


Source by Mary Setter

Technology and the Party Plan


Party planning has moved with a bang into the modern world of technology. Gone is the image of circles of women clutching their teacups, listening to every word the consultant said. These days we are quite likely to be seen sitting in our pj’s with a nice glass of wine, staring at the computer screen. Party plans have gone online.

The arrival of technology in the form of the internet has revolutionised the way we do business. Now we can have online catalogues. We can order our stock online and track its delivery. We can access customer/consultant support from our keyboards without that endless time spent waiting on the end of the phone.

Nutrimetics is one of the many that has embraced the arrival of technology. It is now in the process of setting up independent websites for its consultants as sub-sites of its own. This gives every consultant their own space while still allowing the company to control its image and presentation.

One of the biggest changes in the way we work is that we can now run parties online. Virtual parties are happening everywhere. No longer does the consultant actually have to be in the same place as anyone else. All you need is access to a computer, keyboard and messenger service or chat room.

What are the benefits of online parties?

* no one has to leave home.

* there is no talking over the consultant so you can get your message across

* the written word (on screen) seems to be remembered better than the spoken so you can expect your product information to really be noticed.

* there is no interruption from other people’s children

* late comers and early leavers don’t distract the flow as they do in a traditional party

* products are ruined or wasted

* you can use webcam so that you can see each other

The difficulties include:

* products can’t be smelt or handled

* it is easier for people to order and not pay

* sometimes parties can be hard to control. You can’t catch attention as you might with a physical presence

* it can be hard explaining the process to a first time hostess

* maintaining interest can be hard if you have too many questions to answer

The key to running a successful online party is to prepare your script ahead of time. Decide what you want to say and what products you want to promote. Plan the flow of the party. You will also need to include games that can be played online and offer prizes for them. A great idea is to design questions which require your guests to search through your site or catalogue. This helps remind them of the products that you are selling. If you have your script typed up you can cut and paste straight into your message area which helps keep the pace of the party moving along which, in turn, keeps interest levels up.

Party plans have certainly come a long way over the last couple of years. They are now more accessible to both customers and consultants. Let’s watch to see what they do next.


Source by Anne Maybus

Fun and Easy Cupcake Decorating Ideas


The cupcake usually plays second fiddle to the cake, but with a few simple cupcake decorating ideas this delicious treat may move into the lead. Most people only serve cupcakes for children’s parties, and they rarely make them for an everyday snack. These individual cakes are easy to make and fun to eat, though, and they can be a much bigger hit than an ordinary cake at all types of special events.

One of the easiest of all cupcake decorating ideas is simply to switch it up with the icing. Frost the cupcakes with multiple colors to create a unique theme or just add some fun. It is also easy to frost cupcakes and decorate them with letters or numbers to personalize them for any celebration or special someone. For example, to celebrate a child getting a great report card, make cupcakes frosted in school colors with As and A-pluses on top. It’s simple but fun and a terrific treat for a deserving kid.

Cupcakes are much more flexible than ordinary cake because they are small and they can be shaped and stacked. Frost and organize cupcakes into numbers on a platter to celebrate a sweet 16 party, or move them around or pile them up to create a themed image. Just make a quick plan ahead of time to make sure things are placed properly.

One of the most enjoyable cupcake decorating ideas for kids is to set up a decorating station at birthday parties for all of the party guests to create their own cupcake design. Just set up some cups or bowls with a variety of candies, sprinkles and other sugary sweets to adorn the cupcakes. The kids will rave, and grown up kids will like it too!

Just because cupcakes are small, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate them like a cake. For a fancier cupcake treat, we recommend breaking out the cake decorating tips to swirl and leaf an elegant design on cupcakes. Combine fancy frosted designs with creative stacking patterns, and you can make a fabulous cupcake cake suitable for even the most special of occasions.

Cupcakes are not just for kid’s parties, either. They taste every bit as good as cake and offer up much more opportunity for creative party planners. It is fun and challenging to find new ways to decorate cupcakes for different kinds of parties and social events.

The cupcake is also handy when you need to bake it and take it. Parties at school, gatherings at work, picnics in the park, you name it. For any occasion outside the house, cupcakes are perfect because they don’t need anything – knives, forks or plates. They are also easier to serve, so try making cupcakes instead of cake for your next special occasion.


Source by Peter J Lee

Princess Power, Tiara Style for a Girls Party!


If you are having a princess party, you already know that every young girl dreams of a tiara of her own. Whether it is a tiara for a young princess, fairy, or beauty contestant, girls just love tiaras. Whether you purchase tiaras at local dollar shops for all your guests, or decide to make your own, it is a snap to allow guests to decorate these tiaras as a crafting activity during the party.

Before it is time for the party, start gathering glitter pens, glue, beads, ‘gems’ and ‘diamonds’ and even feathers or sparkly trim. You can easily get these all year round in craft sections, clearance items, and remnants in craft and fabric sections. Even if you are buying plastic tiaras, your guests will enjoy embellishing their tiaras to make them more special.

In a pinch, you can always get a cardboard crown like the ones they give away at fast food restaurants, and trace them onto poster-board. These may be cut out, and decorated at the party. Cardboard crowns can be colored and/or have covered in shiny fabric or foil. They can be embellished with the crafting materials you have accumulated like feathers, glitter, ‘jewels’ etc.

Imagine your guests marching out when they are picked up from your party, wearing the tiaras they have decorated themselves. They are sure to enjoy these party favors even after they have left the party!

No matter how young your party guests might be, this is an activity they can enjoy. Even if you need to help with gluing or decorating, kids of all ages love tiaras, and are sure to enjoy being king or queen for the day.


Source by Gail Leino

Baby’s First Halloween Birthday – Party Favors & Other Ideas


Children live for birthday parties and Halloween, so it’s all the more special for a child born on or around October 31. Your baby’s first Halloween birthday party can be a delight for you, your baby and your guests, both kids and adults.

Trick Or Treat? Treats, Of Course!

Party favors or goodie bags for Halloween birthday parties are especially easy to put together. First off, all the favors can go in miniature trick-or-treat bags or plastic jack o’ lanterns. Miniature candy bars and chocolate kisses will delight any child, but think bigger for your adult guests. Personalized candy bar wrappers on standard-sized chocolate bars are an excellent way to treat the grown ups with a reminder of your baby’s first birthday. Photo key chains and travel-sized candle tins are also great ideas for party favors that are appropriate for adult guests. 

No matter what type of party favors you choose, you’ll want your guests to remember your baby’s first Halloween birthday fondly. An easy way to turn favor bags into keepsakes is with customized birthday labels or favor tags. Ideally, you should try to order your labels and/or favor tags at the same time and from the same company you order your invitations.  This way, you can get a matching or complementary design and coordinate the look and feel of baby’s first Halloween birthday party.

Party-time is Game-time

A wealth of Halloween and birthday entertainment is available for baby’s first Halloween birthday party. “Guess the number of candy corns in the jar” is a popular favorite, and the winner gets the jar of candy corn (or chocolate kisses or jelly beans). Of course, bobbing for apples has been popular in the U.S. since colonial times. Asking your guests to come dressed in costume is not only an ice-breaker, it’s a great excuse for a costume contest. Pumpkin decorating, using markers and decorations instead of knives, will keep everyone busy and entertained. Of course, at the end of the party (or at the beginning), all the little ones can be assembled for a group trick-or-treat excursion. 

Baby’s first Halloween birthday is a great excuse to bring all your friends and family together, as well as a great opportunity to entertain both adults and children alike. Remember, a well-planned party means you’ll have a great time too, and a happy host makes a happy party!

The author grows pumpkins and welcomes trick-or-treaters in Medford, OR, where she lives with her husband, dog, cats and chickens. She is the head copywriter for Candles & Favors, a leading online retailer of all you need to throw a successful Halloween birthday party: invitations, thank you cards, soy candle tins, personalized labels, and favor tags.


Source by Nicholas Goudoras Jr.