Hot Trends in Baking and Pastry


Of all the hot trends in baking and pastry, outlandish decorating is one of the most noticeable and long lasting. It used to be that piping some flowers, swirls and other simple accents onto the top and sides of a cake was enough to impress people. But, nowadays, it can take pyrotechnics and motorized installations to impress judges in cake decorating contests, and at the very least, it takes more than mere piping to make a truly grand cake. The world of bakers and pastry chefs has gone to a whole other level of artisanship.

Here are some other trends taking the baking and pastry world by storm:

• Bright and Vivid Colors

Tasteful cakes and pastries in austere shades of brown, cream, off-white and pale pink are no longer so fashionable. Now, bold colors, such as lemony yellow, lime green, shocking pink, sky blue and tantalizing turquoise, are taking the pastry world by storm. Whether it’s a birthday cupcake or a wedding cake, go big and go bold when it comes to color.

• Candy Art

Cake decorators and pastry artisans are relying on gum paste and sugar-styled art more and more these days. These edible products can be crafted into animals, buildings, flowers, people, ribbons and other realistic, three-dimensional images.

• Cupcakes

The cupcake is nothing new. People have been making and enjoying cupcakes for generations, but this tiny treat has become one of the hugest fads in the baking and pastry world in the 21st century. These tiny cakes aren’t just frosted and given out to kids at birthday parties anymore; people use fancifully decorated cupcakes as the main dessert at cocktail or dinner parties, and they can even be stacked up in a spiral shape to replace a traditional wedding cake.

• Tea Parties

People have gone crazy about tea parties, from the fancy clothes to the fine china. Restaurants and cafés are even hosting their own fancy tea parties, complete with fancy cakes and pastries. One of the best parts about hosting a tea party is choosing the delicately decorated cakes and pastries, such as cupcakes, cookies and bars. Some shops even offer special goods just for the tea party crowd.

All the hot trends in baking and pastry at the moment have something in common: creativity. So whether you’re a home baker or a professional pastry chef, don’t hold back! Get creative and use the boldest colors, designs, ideas and techniques.


Source by Erik R Johnson