Labor Day Party Celebration Tips and Ideas


It can be difficult to plan a party for Labor Day. There aren’t many pleasant symbols of work. Most people don’t even want to think about work while they have the time off from their job for the holiday. Most would just prefer to think of Labor Day as the end of summer vacation for students.

Many simply opt to decorate with the same red, white and blue banners and flags that are used to decorate for Independence Day when planning a Labor Day party. But with some creative thought a unique motif can emerge for this holiday just like all of the others. Labor Day may be a minor holiday for which most don’t want to spend a lot. That’s fine. A combination of other decorations can be used.

Instead of just using left over flags why not combine these with items that reflect the workplace? An office worker might be able to use an old brief case with carnations for a centerpiece. Perhaps the tie or shirt and tie cake pan that are used for Father’s Day can be decorated with the “Happy Labor Day” message. An antique lunch pail that a favorite ancestor might have used could be part of the decorations for a blue collar tribute.

Whatever work puts food on the table is to be honored for Labor Day. A writer or journalist can place an old typewriter prominently on the buffet table. Work gloves or shoes can be cleaned and artistically displayed. These items can be dipped in plaster and burnished for a unique “bronzed” affect. Anything that symbolizes the work place, including photos will be enough to pay sufficient tribute to the workers’ holiday. A scrapbook of computer copies of antique or current photos left out for the holiday are a good idea.


Source by Gail Leino