White Party Ideas For a Memorable Gathering


White party ideas originated from circuit parties in the city of New York in the United States. White parties are now held in major cities such as New York, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Springs, and Montreal. They are now starting to expand to Europe. The parties typically move from one location to another thus the name circuit party. Attending them is very expensive, so following the circuit is difficult for the many of people. The parties usually last around three days. People who go are supposed to where the color white. Considering that the parties are often attended by thousands of people, if everyone was dressed in white it would definitely catch the attention by standing out.

At one point the dances were more like a giant rave party but over time, while they still keep the wild party sense, they have developed seminars and different workshops for drug prevention, and raising awareness about HIV/AIDS. White party ideas raise a great deal of money in the fight against HIV/AIDS as well trying to educate the public.

Although white party themes typically held in large groups in the major cities, you could also turn it into a home party. You might set up a cocktail party where everyone comes in white. You could have one or two guest speakers that come to you’re small gathering. You could have a party at someone’s house that lasts the weekend and so allow for several different workshops to take place during the day. In the evenings you have time to dance the night away with everyone wearing white. These are just some of the neat ideas that you can use if you want to have your own white party at your home with your friends.


Source by Dee Schrock